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From the first visit to our store, Our Wedding Coordinator would display the experience accompanied with our long knowledge in the wedding world. We would also understand whatever you like to carry out especially within the preparation material.

We could help you to the extreme limits. To put down the dream in its appropriate place, we are ready to travel immediately and carry out any project outside the Lebanese regions.

We own all the means to reach the place of the event. Our floristic factory includes plasticized iron, wood, glass, candle , and plexiglass workshops. We would join all your ideas with ours to execute immediately the project in its place.

We invite you to our table,

We offer  flowers, let's imagine the dream together...


Roses, Orchids, Candles & Pearls


When we are honored by presenting us your

ideas and opinions!

We would study together the idea in order to propose the finest application ahead the measures of your dreams.

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